An Evaluation of Neurotoxicity Following Fluoride Exposure from Gestational Through Adult Ages in Long-Evans Hooded Rats

Publication McPherson CA, Zhang G, Gilliam R et al. -- Neurotoxicity Research. 2018 February 5. Epub ahead of print Reviewer Center for Fluoride Research Analysis/ Fluoride Science Editorial Board Background: The National Toxicology Program (NTP) released a systematic...

Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6-12 Years of Age in Mexico

The authors analyzed data from the Early Life Exposures in Mexico to Environmental Toxicants (ELEMENT) project to examine if prenatal exposure to fluoride is associated with declined childhood intelligence. Subjects: The ELEMENT project recruited women who were 14 or...

Fluoride exposure and indicators of thyroid functioning in the Canadian population: implications for community water fluoridation

The authors conducted this cross-sectional study using data from the latest (2009-2013) Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS) to examine the association between fluoride exposure and thyroid outcomes. Both thyroid outcome and fluoride exposure were measured at...

Community water fluoridation predicts increase in age-adjusted incidence and prevalence of diabetes in 22 states from 2005 and 2010

Publication Fluegge K.  - Journal of Water and Health. 2016;14(5):864-77 Reviewer Center for Fluoride Research Analysis/ Fluoride Science Editorial Board A Muddle of Models Overview The paper by Fluegge (J Water and Health 2016) examined county level estimates of...

Community Water Fluoridation & Caries Prevention in Adults

Dr. Gary Slade of UNC School of Dentistry describes his study on the effects of fluoridation on dental caries in Australian adults and discusses implications for the U.S. population and cost-benefit calculations of community water fluoridation.

Mechanism of Anti-Caries Action of Fluoride

It is normal for a wide range of bacteria to be present in the mouth and many are involved with forming biofilm (plaque) on the surfaces of teeth. However, some bacteria can establish levels that can lead to problems.

Osteosarcoma & Fluoridation: Is There a Connection?

Dr. Hayes discusses what her study and previous studies say about the linkage in question.

Adding Fluoride to Water Supplies

The article written by Cheng, Chalmers and Sheldon outlines issues for discussion that are useful when communities are considering policy related to water fluoridation in the United Kingdom. However, it is not useful for discussion of water fluoridation in the United States as it does not consider the substantial body of research conducted on water fluoridation in the United States. The authors’ review of the study cited to show potential harm appears erroneous and incomplete.

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