Fluoride Science Critical Appraisals

The objective of FS Critical Appraisals is to provide a critical and objective assessment of individual studies’ scientific quality and communicate it in the standardized rating system.

FS Quality Assessment Worksheet (developed through a collaborative effort between University of Albany School of Public Health and the Center for Fluoride Research Analysis) guides authors to examine methodological rigor, appropriateness and validity of study designs, and support from other studies by prompting important questions to be answered in order to make a sound rating.

Authors should provide comments to support his/her assessment for each question, if appropriate.

The final document will have:

  1. The summary description of what the research found and ratings for.
  2. Level of rigor.
  3. Support level from other studies and the summary descriptions of.
  4. Strength and weakness.
  5. Relevance and validity.